Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#2562. Number Necklaces

, level: Pre-School
Posted Thu Apr 25 13:56:38 PDT 2002 by Laura Peterson (
Preschool, McDonough, Ga
Materials Required: beads, string, tag board, printer
Activity Time: open ended
Concepts Taught: Number Recognition

If you have a printer, print out numbers 0-10, 1-2 inches tall onto tag board.

Laminate the number, cut them out and punch a hole at the top. Reinforce the hole so it won't tear.

String a number with the corresponding number of beads onto string or yarn.

I have the children put on a different number necklace for each day they attend school. I tell them what the number is and then count out the beads.

I may have them line up by their number or call them to circle by their number.

Usually by the end of the day they have that number memorized.

I've found that my preschool kids are learning their numbers much quicker now.