Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#2567. Technical Terms

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Thu May 2 06:03:14 PDT 2002 by Nicole E. Harrington (
Alternative Learning Center #488 West, Baltimore, Maryland
Materials Required: Computer, Paper, Pen/Pencil, Dictionary
Activity Time: 30-45 min

Students will be able to learn at least ten computer terms and definitions.

Students will be able to identify the computer terms.

Unscramble the following computer terms.
1. oeums
2. yebdkrao
3. nitrmoo
4. drah viedr
5. skat rba

Students will be polled by their computer knowledge:
1. How much do they know about computers.
2. What programs on the computer have your used thus far.

Some words, such as mouse, bit, and crash have special meanings in the computer world. Create a dictionary that contains at least ten computer terms and their definitions.