Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#2574. The Lotus Seed

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Thu May 9 08:26:57 PDT 2002 by Phyllis Gethers (
Fairfield City Schools, Fairfield, OH
Activity Time: 3 Days
Concepts Taught: Pick a Page, Vocabulary, Inference

Lotus Seed

Day 1
Intro. vocab. using Rivet with predictions about the story
Do "Pick a page" split into 4 groups, assign each group 2 pages to read. The group needs to practice their fluency on those pages until everyone can read it with expression.
The group then generates 2 important questions that can be answered by reading their 2 pages. Have each child write the questions in their reading journal and the correct answer.

Day 2
Explain that today they will read their 2 pages with a new group, who is made from yesterday's groups so that they will get to hear the entire story. Remind them they will need to listen carefully because at the end of each pair of pages they will be asked the questions that were generated yesterday. Discuss answers as they go.
Review answers to Rivet from day 1

Day 3
Do Rereading activity asking why Ba kept the Lotus seed at different times. Ask why she took the lotus seed the first time, why she took it when she left her country, why she kept it when she came to America and why her grandchildren kept it at the end of the story.