Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#2580. Eukaryotic Animal Cell, Candy Cell Model

Science, level: Middle
Posted Mon May 13 18:16:50 PDT 2002 by Kristen Coggins (
University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada
Materials Required: candy
Activity Time: 50 mins
Concepts Taught: The cell

Daily Lesson Plan
Kristen Coggins
Lesson Topic: Eukaryotic Animal Cell, Candy Cell Model


After the lesson the students will be able to:
1. Identify the parts of the cell
2. Describe the functions of selected cell organelles

Materials Needed:

1. Zip-lock bag (provided)
2. Index cards- cell organelle card showing the name of the cell and the function (provided)
3. Various types of candy (provided)
4. Cell Organelle Key (provided)
5. Colored pencils

Lesson and Activity:

1. Present concepts of the eukaryotic cell in short whole-class discussions (to be done in prior class period)
2. Hand out Candy Cell Instruction Sheet and go over activity
3. Hand out materials.
4. Students will complete activity and candy cell model


1. Do you know the parts of the cell?
2. Clean Up
3. Keep your cell model.


Students should keep their candy cell model for later class periods and to use as a study aid to use to study for the assessment on cell organelles and functions.

Procedure: Eukaryotic Animal Cell, Candy Cell Model


Cell Organelle Candy

Nucleus Jawbreaker
Mitochondria Jelly Bean
Cytoskeleton Tooth Picks
Lysosomes Skiddles
Golgi Apparatus Swedish Fish
Ribosomes Mini Gummi Bears
Smooth ER Smooth Red Laces
Rough ER Sour Licorice
Zip-Lock Bag Cell membrane (holds is all together)


1. Cut 5 index cards in .
2. Write the name of the cell organelle and the candy used on one side of the index card.
a. Write the function on the other side.
b. Use 1 color of colored pencil for both. Do not use this color again.
c. Repeat this process for all of the organelles.
3. You will have 9 cards total, each written in a different color.
4. Put the cell organelles and the cards in the zip-lock bag.
5. Rewrite the Key, on 1 whole index card, so that each organelle is written in the same color that you chose for the index card. Place the Key in the bag
6. Keep the candy cell model to study for the test.


1. The teacher will check to see if your project has been completed.
2. Chose one member of the group to keep the cell as it will be used later in class and as a study aid.