Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#2581. Career Explorations

, level: Middle
Posted Mon May 13 19:50:12 PDT 2002 by Joanne Barbera (
Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV
Materials Required: see list
Activity Time: one hour to 2 weeks
Concepts Taught: Self-awareness, decision making

Best for 8th, 9th or 10th grades

To develop and refine decision making skills
To discover and evaluate personal goals, priorities, aptitudes and abilities.
To identify interests which would lead to selection of course electives and to career choices.

Time allotment: Anywhere from one hour to two weeks depending on other course work planned. If you are doing a one-hour exploration, students can probably investigate more than one interest.


Pencil, pen, markers, crayons
Lined paper, plain paper, construction paper
Access to computers
Reference books or library time.
Previously selected and modified lesson plans
Sign-up sheet listing activities.

Class should be underway at least a couple of weeks before introducing the activity. Students should have completed a simple interest inventory and concept of self-quiz.

At least 3 lesson plans from each of several courses modified for individual or team work. Interest areas may include art, music, technology, math, science, language arts, and history for example.

Or have students research an area of interest,
find a person in that area of interest and write a biography for class presentation, make a model of what the person they researched has achieved or create a collage of the person and her/his achievements.

Completion of the project and any other criteria you wish, such as bonus points for an oral presentation.