Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#2583. Identifying and Using Parts of Speech in Writing

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Tue May 14 13:58:59 PDT 2002 by Phillip Dodge (
Elaine Wynn Elementary School, Las Vegas, USA
Materials Required: Computer, Word processing program
Activity Time: 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: Identify parts of speech

Activity Description
In this activity students will be directed as a whole group and then work individually to complete the assignment using a word processing program. The teacher will lead a brainstorming activity with the students to generate a list of nouns/pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. The students will then use a word processing program and use this list to fill in holes in a letter which has been prewritten by the teacher. Students will have to independently determine which parts of speech belong in each hole.

Objective: The student will be able to correctly use nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs and adjectives in writing.
In advance the teacher will need to prepare a blank chart labeled with the parts of speech to be handed out to each student. The teacher will also need to type a letter to the principal, or other person, containing holes where parts of speech can be inserted. This letter then needs to be saved to the desktop of each computer being used by the students. A sample chart and letter are attached at the end of this activity.
With the whole class, the teacher will brainstorm various words that can be used to fill in their charts. The teacher should copy the chart on the board, use an overhead projector, or a computer with a projector to fill in a chart while the students are filling in their charts.
3. Students will then be directed to open up the letter to their principal on the desktop of
their computer. The students will have to decide which part of speech belongs in
each hole. Students will position the cursor between the parentheses by positioning
it with the mouse and then clicking once. Students can then type in a word from
their chart under the appropriate category. They cannot make up new words, but
they may make any necessary changes in form, such as verb tense or changes from
singular to plural.
4. Students will then print out their letters and turn in to the teacher.
5. Letters can be assessed by the percentage of holes filled with he correct part of

Sample Letter:

My Dear Principal,
As you know it's report card time. I thought you would like to know how my teacher is doing. ( ) is the ( ) teacher in the entire school. Why just last week I turned in a paper one day late and my teacher said ( ), "How ( )!", as the paper ( ) the desk.
And the way ( ) treats the rest of the ( ) in class. I'll never forget when my teacher ( ) all of us in the closet. I'm still ( ) about it.
My teacher is so ( ). Every time I ask a question, I get the same ( ) response, "That is a really ( ) question."
I have to tell you about the ( ), too. It was ( ) and it sang ( ). It was probably the ( ) time we've had in class all year.
Your friend,