Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#2584. Fixing Grammar with Technology

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Tue May 14 14:03:57 PDT 2002 by Phillip Dodge (
Elaine Wynn Elementary School, Las Vegas, USA
Materials Required: Computer, word processing program
Activity Time: 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: importing graphics, typing, editing, and printing a document

Activity Description
In this activity students will be grouped in pairs and use a computer word processing program to correct several typographical, semantic, and editorial errors in a short story which the teacher has composed beforehand. The students will correct the errors using the Cut, Copy, and Paste functions of the program. Once the errors are corrected the students will be asked to create or locate and image and insert it into the story.

Objective: The student will be able to use the Cut, Copy, Paste, and Insert features of a word processing program.

1. In advance type a short story containing several typographical, semantic,
and editorial errors and save it to the desktop of each computer to be
used. An example story has been provided at the end of this activity.
2. Have student #1 open the story file and read the story aloud while
student #2 reads silently.
3. Students will take turns fixing the story using the following options:
a. Deleting sentences--position the cursor at the end of the sentence, and
then push the Backspace key on the keyboard to erase it.
b. Moving sentences--highlight the sentence by dragging the mouse
across it with the left button held down. From the Edit menu choose
Cut. Position the cursor in the new spot and from the Edit menu
choose Paste.
c. Correcting Spelling--Highlight the misspelled word using the same
method as above and retype it correctly. Students can also click the
Spell Check button unique to the word processing program. This will
check the entire story for spelling errors.
4. From the File menu, students will click Insert and locate a picture file
they want inserted into their story. Students can also click the Clipart
button unique to the program to locate a picture.
5. When the story is corrected and illustrated student #2 will read the story
aloud while student #1 reads silently one last time to be sure all errors
have been corrected.
6. Students will then print out their story and turn it in to the teacher.

Sample Story:

Jake and the Beanstalk
Not far from london there once livved a widow and her son Jackk. With tears in her eyes the poor woman tolded Jack to take the cow to the market and get the best price he could for it. Then a day came when they had to sold their cow. "Oh, grandmother, what big ears you have!" cried little Red Riding Hood. They were so poor and they often didn't have enough to eat and as Jack was a lazy boy who neffer liked to work, matters grew worse and worse for his poor mother. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down you golden hair." "Yes," answered Jack, wandering how the stranger knew his name. "I will buy the cow from you in in exchange for these magic beans." said the man. He had not gone far when he met a man who asked him, "Are you taking your cow to the markey, Jack?" "But I warn you," said the fairy godmother, "that you must leave the ball before midnight." So Jack, leading the cow, set off.