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#2593. What and Where Am I From?

other, level: Kindergarten
Posted Fri May 17 15:58:08 PDT 2002 by Gretchen in Ohio ().
Materials Required: Paper, crayons, theme stickers
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Identify Life and their Surroundings

I found a great place to buy stickers for my kids for projects we do. I started doing this about a month ago, and I am amazed how interested they get in the projects.

We do interactive projects based upon a different theme
each week. I get the stickers from Ebay (they are really
neat and very reasonably priced)... I accidentally found
them by just running a search for "Stickers, Teachers".
Now I get them all the time! (there are things that range from Sea Life to Jungle Animals, Endangered Animals... You name it... I found it!!!)

... Anyway, The first week week we based it on "Jungle
Animals" . I pass the stickers out to my students, and we talk about the different animals, how they live, what the children thought they ate......things like that.

Then I have them draw a "picture" for where they think these animals belong. They then add the stickers into their own drawings. I put their pictures up on the wall for the week... and then we start all over again.

They absolutely love it and usually can't wait till the following week to do the next one! (I had one little boy ask... if I would give him a "hint".. so he could draw a better picture).

Just an idea.