Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#2595. Fact Sack

Science, level: Middle
Posted Tue May 21 10:27:28 PDT 2002 by M. Fletcher (
Sullivan Middle School, Rock Hill, SC 29732
Materials Required: references on physical scientists
Activity Time: 2 weeks
Concepts Taught: Physical Scientists

Description: Fact Sack about a Physical Scientist

Requirements: 1. Must have 5 facts about a physical scientist
2. Must be interesting
3. Must be creative
4. No reports
5. Must be in a brown paper bag
6. Must have 5 items to go with 5 facts.

List of Physical Scientist to choose from:
Albert Einstein Douglas Osheroff
Leon Cooper Erwin Neher
Ergren Manfred Henry Moseley
William Thomson Kelvin Inge Lehmann
Michael Faraday Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
Robert Richardson William Phillips
Kenneth Wilson Bert Sakmann
Harrison Schmitt Max Planck

When my students are assigned this project I explain that an item must go
with each fact. For example, If Max Planck loved to draw as a child, put a pencil in the bag.
If Kenneth Wilson got in trouble in school as a student put in an office referral. If Albert Einstein
was born in Germany put a German flag in the bag. I have the students attach a little tag to each item.
I also have the students present their fact sack to the class.