Grade: Middle

#2597. Who am I?

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Wed May 22 07:17:56 PDT 2002 by Monica Kwiatkowski (
Cuba-Rushford Central Schools, Cuba, New York
Materials Required: Paper, Markers, Textbook or Reference Material
Activity Time: 2 days
Concepts Taught: Recalling facts, researching important information

Give each student a marker and a blank sheet of paper. Have each individually research a significant person in History.
Have each student write an "I am" statement about their particular person largely on the blank paper. Let their last sentence be "Who am I?"
For every 4 signifcant historical figures they write a statement for, allow them to do 1 funny one.
Collect and shuffle your who am I? papers...omit duplicates or statements in bad taste. Number each one individually and post them around your room.
Make your students figure out who's who on a lined sheet of paper. Have their repsonses match with the corrisponding numbers on the statements.
Allow students to research each individual... see how many they can figure out!