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#26. Shared snacks

, level: elementary
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Southlawn Elementary Liberal Kansas, USA
Materials Required: graham crackers, art paper, drawing of cracker (ditto) for each child
Activity Time: 30-45 minutes
Concepts Taught: fractions

Pair the students or group the students in fours depending on the fraction part you wish to introduce.Ask students how they could divide their single cracker so that every one in their group has an equal share. Discuss. Have the students then break their crackers and count the number of equal parts. In turn ask individuals what part of the four or two they have. Model this with symbolic representation on the board or overhead. Have students fold art paper in to halves or fourths to represent the number of people in their group. Have them each draw a picture to represent themselves. Then have them take the cracker ditto and divide it as they did with their real cracker. Have students then each label what fractional part they had of the whole cracker. If you feel really ambitious, and have the resources you can adapt this lesson to eighths or twelfths using one pizza per group. I had our local pizza hut donate three medium pizzas.