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Subject: Science

#2604. Grass Heads

Science, level: all
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Materials Required: grass seeds, stockings,sawdust or soil.
Activity Time: 30 mins
Concepts Taught: from seed to plant

What You will Need:
Old nylons or colored panty hose
Saw dust
Grass seed or try using herb seeds !
Rubber bands
Water dish
Lips cut from felt
Wiggle eyes

Put the grass seed in the nylon (this will be the top),
then add sawdust in the nylon (this will be the bottom), fill enough for size desired for head,
and secure with rubber band. Use rubber bands to make ears and nose, attach sponge lips. Glue on wiggle eyes.

Place in a small bowl with water and watch your Grass man as it sprouts hair.

don't forget to give him a haircut every now and then !