Grade: Senior
Subject: History

#2606. Roosevelt's New Deal

History, level: Senior
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Southern Columbia HIgh School, Catawissa, United States
Materials Required: Computer Lab
Activity Time: 5 to 7 Class Periods
Concepts Taught: State Standards Listed in the Lesson Plan

Roosevelt's New Deal

American History

Active Learning

10th Grade

Lesson Purpose -- The purpose of this lesson is for students to understand what President Roosevelt New Deal plan was and how it still affects us today.

Lesson Objectives

Describe who Franklin Roosevelt was and how did he restore the hope for a struggling nation.

Discuss what the new programs that were created by the New Deal plan.

Describe the success of the New Deal Plan.

Describe how the New Deal Plan affects the United States today.

PA Standards

8.1 A Historical Analysis and Skills Development Chronological Thinking
8.1 B Historical Analysis and Skills Development Historical Comprehension
8.1 C Historical Analysis and Skills Development Historical Interpretation
8.1 D Historical Analysis and Skills Development Historical Research
8.3 A United States History Contributions of Individuals and Groups
8.3 B United States History Documents, Artifacts, and Historical Places

Lesson Activity 1
Have students discuss what was going on in the United States previous to Franklin Roosevelt taking the office of President in March of 1933. To get an idea of what the United States was like take a look at a media timeline for 1933. Also discuss who Franklin Roosevelt was before he became the thirty-second President of the United States.

Supporting Web Information a time line for framing what was going on in the time period to be discussed. information on who Franklin Roosevelt was. photos of Franklin Roosevelt

Lesson Activity 2
Discuss with students what the general feeling was of the United States before Roosevelt was elected. What were some of the major problems in the Country? What were some of the major events that were taking place? What was the mood of the country? Discuss unemployment, stock market crash, dust bowl problems of the Midwest, etc. . .

Supporting Web Information information on unemployment rising and bank closings. information on the dust bowl problems in the Midwest. information on the stock market crash of 1929 information on the great depression.

Lesson Activity 3
Have the students research why Roosevelt won the election for President. What ideas did he have that lead to his election? Who did he run against? What political party was he? What were the results of the election? Why were people so hopeful of Roosevelt becoming president? Students will use the computer labs to search the Internet. Students will be given a group a web sites to use for their information and be allowed to locate additional Internet resources on their own. The web sites are listed in the Supporting Web Information. After 1 class period of individual Internet research students will be divided into groups of 4 to 5 students. The students will discuss in groups and then present to the class their thoughts on why Roosevelt was elected president.

Supporting Web Information
Information on the 1932 Presidential election

Lesson Activity 4
The students will research the "New Deal" created by FDR. Students will be given class time to research the New Deal using the Internet. Students will be given web sites and also allowed to located their own Internet resources for the New Deal. Students will be required to write a one- page paper on what the New Deal's purpose was and what did it create. Also each students will be given a New Deal Agency to research and report to the class in an oral report what the agency did.

Supporting Web Information
Internet Resources on the New Deal

Lesson Activity 5
Student will again get together in groups of 4 to 5 students and propose a revised New Deal plan of what they would do different if they were President Roosevelt. They will look for areas of the plan that did not work. Also they must create two additional agencies that they would add to the plan. They will then present this to the class in a short group PowerPoint presentation.

Supporting Web Information
Web Information on the limitations of the New Deal

Lesson Activity 6
Conduct a class discussion with students to see if they personally feel if Roosevelt's New Deal was the reason America came out of the Great Depression.

Additional Notes
This lesson will take 5 to 7 class days to complete. The teachers will need to reserve computer lab time and also have access to a multimedia projector for presenting information to the class. Also at the end of the lesson there will be a short test on the information discussed in the lesson.