Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#2607. Holiday Learning -- Halloween

Language, level: Middle
Posted Sun Nov 10 19:24:44 PST 2002 by Yi-Ching Chiang (
middle school, Tainan, Taiwan
Materials Required: Internet Accessible
Activity Time: 4 periods, 45 mins for each period
Concepts Taught: ESL Learning

Lesson Purpose:
Culture learning is part of ESL programs. Holiday learning is no doubt a very interesting kind of culture learning. For ESL learners, Christmas is the most known holiday; however, Halloween is also a popular festival in western culture and its multiple traditional activities must be able to arouse Students' high motivation to learn English.

Lesson Objectives:
1. Students know the history of Halloween.
2. Students learn the traditional activities of Halloween.
3. Students share the fun of Halloween through Internet.
4. Students get higher motivation to learn English.

Lesson Activity #1 (Introduction):
1. The teacher shows the class some flashcards of Halloween figures to attain students' interest.
2. The teacher introduces the history of Halloween by presentation.

Lesson Activity #1 (Introduction) - Supporting Web Information:
1. The teacher can print out the figures and make them into flashcards or show them through Internet. 2. These two websites provide detailed Halloween history information.

Lesson Activity #2:
1. The teacher introduces some words related to Halloween before going to the traditional activities. Some worksheets' practices will be used for students.
2. The teacher introduces some traditional activities and then invites students to "visit" a haunted house through Internet in class.

Lesson Activity #2 - Supporting Web Information:
1. The following are some worksheets about Halloween words.
2. The first website is the statement of traditional Halloween activities. The second one is an animations about haunted house.

Lesson Activity #3:
Four to five students in a group to find out more traditional activities and to do presentation with handouts.

Lesson Activity #3 - Supporting Web Information:
The following are websites of some activities and games.
1. 2.

Lesson Activity #4 (wrap-up):
The class will have a "Halloween Party!" Every student should "dress up" out of their Internet inspiration. We will have an evaluation to choose the most creative person.

Lesson Activity #4 (wrap-up) - Supporting Web Information:
Some ideas in these websites can be suggested to students. 1. 2.