Grade: all

#2609. Gratitude Journals

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Thu Jul 18 17:31:19 PDT 2002 by Michelle (private).
Grade 2, Canada
Materials Required: journals
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Character Development/Writing

Instead of having kids write "about" their day or weekend, have them write 5 things that they were grateful for during that time. At first you get the stock answers, but eventually you will get a re-telling of the day in a more positive way. It encourages them to appreciate the little things. For example, I might have had a bad day, BUT...I was grateful that I woke up on time, that the secretary turned on the photocopier before I arrived at school, all of my students were present,
the staff meeting was cancelled and my co-worker brought me a tea.
This also works with unit studies:
5 simple machines I am grateful for...
5 plants I am grateful for....
5 pioneer chores that I am grateful children no longer do...
5 books I am grateful for....
5 words I am grateful for...
(you get the picture...)