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#2610. Proverbs Primary Style

, level: all
Posted Thu Jul 18 17:43:11 PDT 2002 by Michelle ().
Grade 2, Canada
Materials Required: journals
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Creative Thinking

I got this idea at a conference and it works wonders and makes journal reading really fun!
As a beginning sentence you give only the beginning of a proverb such as:

"People who live in glass houses shouldn't....."
The students copy the beginning sentence and finish it with whatever they think suits it. With my grade 3 class there was almost always someone who came up with the real ending without knowing it.

We also got things like:
"People who live in glass houses shouldn't...
Walk around naked."
" A penny saved is.....not much."
"A bird in the hand is worth....more than money because that would only happen once in a lifetime."

The tricky part is coming up with the proverbs for the kids, I think I got my list on the internet somewhere.