Grade: Elementary
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#2611. Measurement/Literature/Technology Process Lesson - Corn Doll

, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Sep 12 19:52:02 PDT 2002 by cd ().
Perth, Western Australia
Materials Required: wool, cardboard, glue, any other materials the chn come up with
Activity Time: 4 sessions of 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: measurement - length, area, perimeter

Read children Terry Jone's fairy tale - The Corn Dolly

Pose the problem - the corn dolly is coming to live with you and you need to make her a piece of furniture.

Make the corn dolly using wool(vary sizes)

Whole class devises criteria for "a good piece of corn dolly furniture'

Children design and make their furniture - encourage them to measure the corn dolly before making their furniture or see how they figure out the problem and use it as an open task.

Children appraise according to the original criteria and write a journal entry to explain how they made their furniture the correct size.