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#2612. Magic Tree House

, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jul 18 17:57:34 PDT 2002 by Michelle ().
Grade 2, Canada
Materials Required: anything artsy craftsy (Crayola Model Magic!)
Activity Time: hours....days....depends
Concepts Taught: Responses

After reading ANY Magic Tree House novel I ask the kids to do a novel "response". All of my students chose to do art responses with both books that we studied this year.
1. In writing they tell me what and how they intend to create and why they feel it is important to the story. (I authorise this.)
2. Using the materials in the classroom they make whatever they have proposed. I try and keep it to about 4 periods.
3. The students use an index card to accompany their artwork on which they write the importance of their piece to the novel and often a direct quote.

*If you haven't used Crayola Model Magic yet, it is incredible stuff. It is an air-drying clay that you can paint or colour. It comes in colours, but you can get big tubs of it in just white. Before you model with it, dab your markers into it and then knead the clay and you will have coloured clay!

For example: After we read "Day of the Dragon King"

Some students created:
1. The Great Wall of China (small scale)
2. A model of the Dragon King
3. The Bamboo book that Jack and Annie find
4. The Master Librarian cards for Jack and Annie

You have to let go, and that isn't easy, but the results are AMAZING! While they were working away I heard one of my students say "I never really liked reading before, but THIS is fun!"