Subject: Art

#2617. origami butterfly

Art, level: Kindergarten
Posted Tue Jul 23 06:01:26 PDT 2002 by jason ().
retierd teacher, england, cleveland
Materials Required: paper, pipe cleaners and pens
Activity Time: 10 mins
Concepts Taught: cutting and decorating

get a peice of A4 paper and fold the top left coner over diagonaly. you should have a triangle shape with a rectangle shape on the bottom of it.
cut off the rectangle.fold the triangle corner to corner. open it out again.push the center fold up and foldon either side of peak. decorate and stick on pipecleaners for antenie.

that is what i would make in the first 10 mins of my lesson. then i would tell a story to the children about butter flys. for the last half hour we would put on a play about butterflys.