Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2620. Place Value

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jul 24 11:56:20 PDT 2002 by Joan A. Gunther (
Washington, Bergenfield,N.J., USA
Materials Required: Sip Lock Bag, Cherrios,Pipe Cleaners
Activity Time: 20-25 min. first time
Concepts Taught: Place Value

Distribute to each child a bag with cherrios or other similar shaped cereal. I put a 6oz. cup full in each bag. cut pipe cleaners in half and give each child nine. Children make rings of "10"
and close end off. When we do any activity with place value they can show numbers, add two digit numbers and do regrouping easierwhen they can see the numbers on their work mat. It has made teaching place value much easier for me and amy students.