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#263. Introduction to Telecommunications

other, level: Middle
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Trask Middle School, Wilmington

BIC (Bringing the Internet into the Curriculum)
BIC Trainer, Dawn Brinson
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Writing and Publishing on the Web
Purpose: The learner will learn how to create a simple HyperStudio stack, save it as a webpage document, and open it up in Netscape.

Materials: Computer, HyperStudio, active imagination

Walk participants through making simple HyperStudio stack. The assignment was to create a 3 card stack. Card one had to be a title card with name and title of stack. Cards 2 and 3 were to be Christmas acrostics. Each card was to have an acrostic with original art work and a button to get to the next card.

Participants were to save stack using the STK extension then they were to use the Export Web Page extra and save the stack with an HTM extension.

Next the participants were directed to do the following :
1. Exit HyperStudio and open Netscape
2. Click on File, open file in browser
3. Change directories to HyperStudio
4. Double click on your file name with the HTM extension
5. Move about your stack on Netscape