Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#2632. Charlotte's Web Reading Extension

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jul 10 07:26:49 PDT 2002 by Melissa (
Saint Joseph School, Carteret, NJ, USA
Materials Required: Differs for each student
Activity Time: I give about 3 weeks

To help the students to model comprehension of Charlotte's Web, I have created the following extension activity with the different learning sytles in mind. I have done this for the past two years, and it really works, no student has ever missed this assignment. As a class we have completed the novel, I use self and guided reading for the novels that I present. When we are about half way through the book, I start this assignment, and allow three weeks for completion.

Directions: You may choose one of the following activities:
1 - Make awards for at least three characters. You may choose to make homemade awards, or you may use a computer program. (example: Fern receives the best friend award)

2 - Make a comic strip of at least five cells showing your favorite scene.

3 - Make a mural for the book.

4 - Make a diorama of the most memorable scene of the book.

5 - Write a book review that would encourage a friend to read the book.

I do this assignment with fourth graders, and they really love it. They do not realize that they are actually doing work, and these assignments are really fun for me to grade. In grading I use a rubric.