Grade: Senior
Subject: other

#2637. The magic box

, level: Senior
Posted Tue Aug 20 13:45:44 PDT 2002 by Rogrio Silveira (
Forever, Salvador, Brazil
Materials Required: one box9it can b a box of shoes) and a mirror in it
Activity Time: depends on the number of students
Concepts Taught: First day of class

This is a great and creative activity to be done in the fist day of class. In my first day of class, in general I like first to introduce myself to students and let them know a little bit about my background then at the end I tell them that when a teenager I took a course of magic in a circus and then I point at the box saying that I brought a sample to show them in this first day of class. I ask them to concentrate on the box and they I invent some magic words. Next I tell them that now there's something very special inside the box. I open yhe box carefully, show some surprise for seeing its contents and start to describe it only using adjectives but carefulyy not to let them know what is in it. Then the box passes round the class and all of them describe themselves only using adjectives.
I think it's a good way to have students present themselves, say what they think about themselves and build up confidence as in general they say things such as "wow, beautiful, amazing, special" and so on. It's also a soft way to review adjectives