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Grade: Middle
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#264. Writing and Publishing on the Web

other, level: Middle
Posted by Dawn Brinson (
Trask, Wilmington

BIC (Bringing the Internet into the Curriculum)
BIC Trainer, Dawn Brinson
BIC Site, Trask Middle School

The members of the groups will learn what BIC is all about and what they will be doing through out the year. They will also learn some basics of the Internet and how to use Netscape.

1. Do survey
2. Introduction of BIC and myself
3. Discuss basics of Internet
a. Providers- AOL, Prodigy, Wise, BellSouth
b. Browsers- Netscape, Microsoft Network
c. Addresses- URL, WWW, FTP, Telnet
d. Search engines
4. Introduction to Netscape
a. Open London file
b. Scroll down page
c. Click blue words
d. Click on Back button
e. Click on Forward button
f. Click on Find, type Diana
g. Point out progress of download button
h. Show participants how to send mail
i. Show how clicking right mouse button on selected text allows to copy text
j. Show how clicking right mouse button on graphic image allows you copy the file