Grade: Elementary
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#2649. Finding Your Way

, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Aug 5 17:44:02 PDT 2002 by Scott Wagner (
Brandywine Middle School, Glenmore, Pa
Materials Required: Pencil, paper, chalk, blackboard
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Map skills, Following directions, writing skills, reading

Procedure: Draw a street map of a town on your blackboard. Include streets names and landmarks such as stores, banks, statues, post offices, parks, houses (with addresses), etc. Make your map as simple or complex as you feel is appropriate for your students. Include a compass rose for directions.

Students will work in pairs. Give one student in the pair a starting point and a destination from your map. (Do not allow his partner to hear the name of the destination.) The student must write down the name of the starting point and directions to get to the destination for his partner. His partner must be able to trace the correct route and arrive at the correct destination on the board by reading his partner's directions.

If you choose you might offer some type of reward to pairs who are successfull.