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Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#265. An Introduction to Search Engine

other, level: Middle
Posted by Carrie K. Tibbs (
Campbell Middle School, Campbell, CA USA
Materials Required: Netscape
Activity Time: approx. 2 class periods
Concepts Taught: Learning to research on the Internet using variou search engines

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Researching on the Internet

Introduction to Independent Internet Topic Research
You must be cleared to work on the Internet to complete this assignment

Now that you have had a little experience using the Internet, you need to learn the appropriate ways to search for information using search engines. Use the guidelines below to start your introduction.

1. Begin Netscape. In the top margin, you will see a list of options. Click on Net Search.

2. You will see a list of 5 search engines across the top. A search engine is a program that allows you to put in words, then searches documents for that word. List the 5 search engines:
a. ______________________________________________
b. ______________________________________________
c. ______________________________________________
d. ______________________________________________
e. _______________________________________________

These are five different ways to get information for your search. Lets try one of them:

3. Click on Yahoo. Click in the box, type in the word skateboard and press return. Yahoo is now searching through millions of Internet resources that in any way use the word skateboard. When it finds the best ones, it will list them.

Top 10 matches

tells you that Yahoo found many references to skateboards and has listed the best 10 of them. To go to any one of those sites, simply click on the listing and you will go there. Notice how the URL (location) changes. Click on two or three of these to test them.

4. Now think of a topic that interests you. Be sure to keep it general (and school appropriate). Write the topic here: __________________________

5. Open a ClarisWorks word processing page. You will paste all your information,graphics and URLs (http://www......) on this page. When you are finished, you will print this, staple it to this page and turn it in.

6. Requirements: Use the same topic for each search engine. For each search engine you must have:
Record the number of sites found.
Visit a few of the selected sites and record the URL
From the sites you visit, elect one graphic to paste on your document and one interesting fact.