Grade: Middle
Subject: Phys Ed

#2652. Cardiovascular Fitness

Phys Ed, level: Middle
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Cardiovascular Fitness


Health and Physical Education


This lesson shows students how to design a cardiovascular fitness program and encourages them to implement it in their daily lives.

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1.Students will understand cardiovascular fitness and how it relates to their lives.
2.Students will demonstrate knowledge of cardiovascular fitness.
3. Students will design a cardiovascular fitness program they can implement in their daily lives.


1.Videotape of a cardiovascular endurance contest
3.Butcher paper
5.Day-by-day weekly schedule guides
6.Prepared power point presentation "Benefits of cardiovascular fitness"
7.Computer with power point software


1.Cultivate interest in cardiovascular activity by showing a video of some sort of athletic contest. You may choose video you want and selectively edit parts you want to show.
2.sing power point presentation, explain to students the supreme benefits of cardiovascular fitness: a. Increases your muscular strength.
b. Increases your muscular endurance.
c. Clarifies your mental process.
d. Improves your quality of life.
e. Can extend length of your life.
3.Explain to students a little about cardiovascular activity: -Doctors recommend people exercise at least 3x per week for at least 20 minutes each time.
4.Divide the students into groups of 3 or 4. Have students brainstorm as many types of cardiovascular activities as they can. Have them record all their ideas on the butcher paper.
5.Come back together as a class and have students share the activities that they have listed.
6.Students will choose one of the cardiovascular activities and design a weekly workout schedule around that activity. They will first need to write their current schedule and create time slots for their activity.
7.Strongly encourage students to implements their program.


Students will be assessed throughout the project. They will be informally assessed during their group work and their final workout schedule will be handed in for assessment as well.