Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#2655. Edgar Allan Poe Webquest

Literature, level: Senior
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Lesson Plan
Edgar Allan Poe

Grade Level: 8 to 12
Subject: Language Arts, Literature

In this lesson, students will research information concerning Poe's life, and some of his works before reading "The Raven".

Time Frame:
3 days- 1week (depending on class size, time, and computer availability.)

Research biographical information about Poe.
Research some of his literary works.
Create a timeline of events in Poe's life.

Computer with Printer
Text of "The Raven"


Have a class discussion about Edgar Allan Poe. Find out if any of the students have read any stories or poems by Poe. Have them describe his writing style and what they thought of it.

Have the students break up into groups and assign each of them a role in the webquest. Have them find information about his life using the websites provided. Where he lived, who he lived with, why he was impoverished, and any other events in his life that contributed to his writing style.

After researching information, have the groups come together and use the information they found to create a timeline of the events in Poe's life. Have the different groups present the information they found with the rest of the class.

Read "The Raven". Tell the class how this poem is about the effects of the loss of a loved one. Have them correlate between the poem and occurrences in Poe's life. Talk about Poe's fascination with horror and murder, and how they may also be relevant to things in his life.