Grade: Elementary

#2657. lesson five

Social Studies, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: computer with internet
Concepts Taught: virtual tour of a mesa verde

II. Rational and Background
This lesson will tell the students how National Parks work. It will tell the students how land was set aside so that future students can see how these people lived. It will also give the students an idea on how museums.
III. Lesson Objectives
TSW describe how national parks and museums work
IV. List of Resources
V. Concept
National Parks were made so we all can enjoy the history of special places.
VI. Procedures
A. Introduction and Motivation
The students have learned all about the Anasazi Indians and this lesson will tell them the things that have been done to protect their history.
B. Lesson Body
The teacher will explain how National Parks are set up to show people what things were like. They use rangers to take people on tours of these places.
The teacher will tell the students what a museums is and how they have things from the past.
C. Lesson Closure
The teacher will show pictures of different mesa verde and objects from the Anasazi Indians. The teacher will act as a park ranger and give the students a virtual tour. The teacher as the park ranger will take the students on a trip to Mesa Verde national park. The teacher will show the students the different rooms of the Native Americans home. They will see pictures of the top of the mesa and how farming took place. They will see many other pictures
D. Student Assessment
Do the students understand what a national park is?
Do the students know what a park ranger is?
E. Self Assessment