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#2659. Transition Needs

, level: Senior
Posted Wed Aug 7 19:06:50 PDT 2002 by Mike Leasure, Transition Program (
Indiana, PA

Lesson Plan
Grades 9-12
Special Education Students
Transition Needs

Intro- It is very important for students going into college to be able to set goals, and be able to continue working towards those goals. This lessons aim is to show the transition program students a way to set goals and begin the goals by following four simple steps.

Instructional Objectives- When asked to create a personal goal for themselves, the students will follow the four steps of creating a goal with 100% accuracy.

Lesson Initiation- When the students come into the classroom each of them will discuss a goal that they have achieved.

Materials- Skill streaming cards
Poster with steps for goal setting

Summary- To conclude students will discuss the goals that they have listed. The students will then be asked about a goal that they have for the future.