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#2660. Producing Imitation Stained Glass with Help from the Compute

Art, level: all
Posted Wed Aug 7 19:51:56 PDT 2002 by Michelle (

Producing Imitation Stained Glass with Help from the Computer
By: Michelle Matthews

Grade: 4-6
Materials Needed: Computer Access with Printing Capabilities
Sturdy cardboard
Plain white paper
1 whole role of aluminum foil
1 whole role of plastic food wrap
permanent markers
masking tape

Goals: Aid children in use of spatial and creative thinking skills.
Aid children in computer skills.

Procedure: Allow children to search the Internet for examples of stained glass Windows. Then allow students to design their own using the Paintbrush capability on the computer. This will be the pattern by which they complete their stained glass window. Have children take a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. Tape the picture that they created with Paintbrush and tape in on the desk. Tape the plastic wrap directly above it and then trace and color in the picture using permanent markers. Then crinkle up thealuminum foil, uncrinkle it, and tape it on the cardboard. Tape the picture drawn on the plastic wrap directly over it and you will have an example of what a stained class window looks like.