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Grade: all
Subject: Geography

#2666. 5 Themes, "U Select"

Geography, level: all
Posted Sat Aug 10 10:34:55 PDT 2002 by Thomas J. Snee (tjsnee@aol.com).
St. James Catholic School, Falls Church, VA 22015
Materials Required: Display, tri-board
Activity Time: 2 weeks
Concepts Taught: Develop research abilities while being able to select a country.

The 5 themes can be memorized but to put into action is the fun and educational plusses. Have students select a country. They must be able to develop and pick out the 5 themese of that country. Have them put on display each theme, explain, and then design their own "travel board". Putting location in the center, and remainder on the side panels, each theme must have at least 8-10 lines of explanation, 16-18 font. Researching abilities, computer, english comp, art, and presentation are the integrated features. Of course connecting with the embassy in Washington DC helps, which improves letter writing skills. RECOMMEND all embassy materials be sent to the school. Great project for international school themes. Alot of fun, students make the decision, and display it. 7th Grade project. Good Luck! Have parents grade for the competition if you can; this is the Grade PLUS feature.