Grade: all
Subject: Computer

#2667. Create a business and a life

Computer, level: all
Posted Sun Sep 15 19:47:00 PDT 2002 by Robert Culp (
New Morgan Academy, Morgantown, PA
Materials Required: Computer with word processor, Click Art, and a spreadsheet program like Excel, Lotus or Visacalc
Activity Time: 5 one hour classes
Concepts Taught: The student creates a business and a persona

Skill Sets. The student should try to pick a business that they would be happy in.
They will learn to brain storm the needs of a business and should have fun with it;s creation.
They willunderstand the many details that go into a business.
They will use Word, Excel, and Click Art files

Bring in a couple telephone books from different areas around the US. Have your friends and family send you old books.
Telephone Yellow pages are full of practical examples of companies and the appropriate advertisements for each type of company.

1). Have your student take the first class to settle on the type of business they want to invest their effort into. The first class should include a type of business selected, a proper name for this business and a LOGO from Click Art. This logo should be used in all further activity of their business.
2). Second Class the student should create a list of goods and services sold with a price list for each.
3). Third class should have the students doing a Letterhead for orders and advertising and a "Sale" flyer to drum up business for their new company.
4). In the forth class, the student should create a Capital Expense list. This is a list of Real Equipment needed to start his business. I limited my students to a $100,000 loan. This would be Initial lease, Ovens, Tables, computers, inventory systems, shelving. The student can visit a business and list the equipment needed. In On-line auctions and internet costs can be obtained
5). The fifth class has the student creating a comsumable inventory list. This is the list that specifies raw materials and other wholesaled comsumables that are required to support the retail business. The prices should be calculated here to show a profit over the expenses and the ability to pay back thew initial $100,000 loan in a modest timeframe.

To site an example and walk you through this lesson.
In the first class a student could create Luigi's Pizza with the logo of a guy throwing a pizza dough in the air
In the second class the student creates a list of types of pizzas, sandwiches, wings, cheezy bread to be sold in the store and a regular price for each one.
In the third class the student creates a letterhead with the pizza throwing guy and the name centered on the top and a neat name, address, telephone, and the web address The student will also create a sale flyer offering free cheezy bread with each order on friday and 2 large cheese pizza for $12.99. This flyer has the Log on it.
The forth class goes serious with the student calculating the expense of buying tables, ovens, refridgerators, rent, bins, signs, advertising, etc
The fifth class has the student calculating the cost of comsumables, Pizza Boxes, dough, cheese, sauce, pepperoni, sausage, Buns, Refrigerator magnets,etc. The student should calculate the cost per 100 pizzas. They should calculate expected sales, calculate profit, calculate wages, etc. These calculattions should be all tied to a central expected sales which can be adjusted as needed to examine "What if scenerios"