Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#2670. Compilation 4 Blocks Interview Techniques Gr. 2 Second Grade

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Aug 15 06:36:40 PDT 2002 by Compiled by Jennifer Poe ().
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Concepts Taught: 4 Blocks Interview- Gr. 2

When I did second grade interviews, this is how I did them. I gave all
the kids an index card (3x5). Had them write their name on the card.
They placed the card in a box. This way all the kids KNOW their name is
in the box so they don't drive me crazy, "IS MY NAME IN THERE???"

I post a piece of chart paper and have a box of markers by the chart
paper (NO YELLOW IN THE BOX because if they choose yellow we can't see
it very well and why let them pick a color only to have the teacher say
don't pick yellow we can't see it. Just remove it from the box
before you let the kids pick :-) )

They come and join me on the rug. I have them sit so their
knees and nose face me. Then I draw a card out and say that name. The
child chooses a marker color from the box and hands me the marker. The
child then sits in my teacher chair. The kids on the floor raise their
hands. The child chooses kids to ask questions. The kids sitting on
the floor ask whatever they want to. The child answers the questions as
in depth as they like. Some kids are chatty so the interview lasts 8-10
minutes. Some aren't so the interview lasts 3-5 minutes. I try to stay
out of the way and let the kids interact without the teacher
interferring. I provide guidence whenever necessary though.

After the lull of conversation, I then tell the interviewed child to
choose four people people to SAY SOMETHING about the child. I have the
boy-girl-boy-girl or girl-boy-girl-boy rule so that all the boys pay
attention when the girls are interviewed and vice versa. The
interviewed child chooses ONE person to say something. I say to the
interviewed child, "Is this true about you?" I added this because
sometimes you are writing the third or fourth sentence and have to start
over because the kid who said something just MADE it up!!! If yes, then
I write it on the chart paper modeling how to write the words. I use
interactive writing techniques as the opportunities arrise. If we have
had that word before, I encourage the kids to tell me...

Then we continue until there are FOUR sentences. You can have as many
sentences as you want, just remember that you will do these interviews
with EVERY child and MUST be FAIR so only do 120 sentences if you are
truly insane!!!!!! ha-ha-ha!!!!!!! I found that 4 sentences fit on
ONE sheet of chart paper easily so that is why I choose 4. The kids in
a first grade I went in were saying that the teacher used to have 6
sentences but now she only had time for 4. The kids not only had to
wait their turn, but NOW they felt jipped! :-( We need to start as we
are going to finish. I wanted to write large enough that the kids can
easily see it BUT also so that it fits on one piece of paper.

So now the interview is written. There are four sentences (or however
many you want) written. Hand the interviewed child the marker and have
him/her track the print as the class reads the sentences. I usually had
the kids read the chart twice.

Then we re-read the other charts with ME tracking the print until we
have 5 charts up. Then I change this procedure and have the kids read
the charts in the room for about 5-8 minutes. I keep all the charts up
all over the room until the last interview.

Some teachers don't they keep the last five charts up. Let me explain.
Day 1, chart 1. Day 2, charts 1 and 2; Day 3, charts 1,2,3; Day 4,
charts 1,2,3,4; Day 5, charts 1,2,3,4,5,

So what about on DAY 6????? Chart one goes HOME. Chart six takes it
place. So now chart 6,2,3,4,5 are up.

So what about on DAY 7????? Chart two goes HOME. Chart seven takes it
place. So now charts 6,7,3,4,5 are up.

I also type up the interviews and made a SSR book so the kids could read
all the charts during ssr if they are struggling readers