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Subject: Language

#2678. Parts of the body in Spanish

Language, level: all
Posted Wed Sep 4 14:53:12 PDT 2002 by Steph Patrick (
Junior College, Auckland, New Zealand
Materials Required: Coloured A4 cardboard, marker pens
Activity Time: 10-15mins
Concepts Taught: Learning parts of the body

Have enough colours of cardboard for the number of groups in the class, with no more than 5 per group.
For each colour, cut the card into 20 slices (4cm x width of card) to make big labels. On each one, write in marker pen the part of the body in Spanish (la mano, el tobillo, la oreja etc). If possible laminate the card so that the can be kept for a long time (it's worth the cost!). I then repeat this on the other colours. Keep each colour group in a sealed plastic bag - that way you can store them easily.

Now the "game": One student in the group lies down on the floor or on top of the desks (they particularly like that). Then pass out the coloured cards to the groups. They have to race the other teams to place all the card in the correct places on the student's body. They can't use notes/texts. Make sure each group is far enough away from others so not to cheat...
When they think they have finished, circulate and remove cards that are in the wrong place and tell them to keep going. The winning group gets a lollipop each!
Great activity to pull out for the end of a lesson when there is time to spare to reinforce vocab later on.