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#2679. Lesson Plan form

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Posted Wed Sep 4 21:28:03 PDT 2002 by Marjoryt (
East Central Alternative School, Decatur, MS
Materials Required: Xerox and pencil, or create as table, then save as template
Activity Time: Use when creating lesson plans.
Concepts Taught: Lesson plan form - supports Madelyn Hunter theory

I found that the lesson plan books did not give me enough room to cover specific goals and objectives, nor did it show remediation and enrichment activities. This is based on Madelyn Hunter's classic lesson plan design. Please feel free to adapt as necessary. Showing this to your principal would be an excellent idea.

If you create this form in a table, then save as a template, you can just call up the form, fill it in, and print out. Just create the form and don't worry about the spacing. As you fill it in, the cell will expand to fit.

in the header: page X of X
Instructor: (put in your own name in the template)
Date: (will be filled in weekly, and list any days out for holidays, testing here)
Unit: (the title)
Objectives: (What the student should be able to perform, most curriculum specialists recommend no more than 4. If necessary, tie into mandated objectives. Sometimes you can pull this straight from the teacher textbook.)
Standards: (Local, state, national, and perhaps standardized test standards - these should tie in directly to your syllabus). My curriculum professor advised me list 3 or 4. If you can't find the standard to fit the lesson plan, then you should rethink the lesson objective.
Materials: (all, and include page numbers if you have time).
Introduction: (How the lesson begins, pretest, Q&A, video, lecture. I like to begin by showing the student the objectives and the standards, then relate to other subjects or state tests.)
Model: (The examples you will use throughout the course - teacher created, etc.)
Guided Practice: (Activities you do with the class, individual, group, classwork. List these activities.)
Check for understanding: (How you verify the students are on task and beginning to learn - oral response to questions, homework, classwork - not necessarily grade-related.)
Independent Practice: (Student does work on own such as seat work, presentation, homework. Use this to verify progress or justify remediation/enrichment. List these activities.)
Evaluation: (How student proves objectives are met - tests, explanations, demonstrate. Show level of achievement required for objective - minimum is usually lowest passing grade, but may be set higher for critical skills.)
Remediation/Enrichment: How you will incorporate learning styles, reteach, expand learning. You can list specific students/activities, or generalize on what students can do after they complete specific activities.

Do one for each class every unit.
With 10 or 12 point type you will have plenty of space on the bottom of the page to write notes for the administrator. If X number of students do not achieve the standards, then you will decide to reteach or handle in some other way.

I have done this in landscape, but converted to portrait (vertical) this year and it has worked out well.