Grade: Middle
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#2680. Play reporters

, level: Middle
Posted Thu Sep 5 02:11:44 PDT 2002 by Petra Lindskog (
High School, Gothenburg/Sweden
Materials Required: News papers
Activity Time: 2 lessons

This is a very appreciated thing to do with the students. The aim is to;
1. Vocabulary
2. Minimize a text
3. Articulate and speak load and clear.

THe students are given an articel from a newspaper. If you want you can devide them into topics e.g. news, sport, economics, and one weatherman.

You print the news from some newspaper homepage. They all have a " print this article" at the end of the paper.

The students are given one lesson to preapare. Figure out words they dont understand from the article and rewrite the article to something smaller.

Next lesson you are organizing a "live" broadcast with e.g Hamilton School News. Write this with big letters on the board.

Then the students come up to the blackboard and present theire news. They have to sound as close as possible as the news presenters on TV. Give them 20-30 seconds each. Tell them to articulate, look at the audience, speak load and clear, and not look to much on the paper.

Its very fun and the students like it. + its guite easy for the teacher to organize.

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