Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Science

#2681. Life cycle of a butterfly

Science, level: Pre-School
Posted Fri Sep 6 21:35:30 PDT 2002 by Kirsten Gilliam (
Forget-Me-Not Family Child Care, Livingston, USA
Materials Required: children; information on the life cycle of the butterfly available at the library
Activity Time: great for a cirlce time activity
Concepts Taught: egg to butterfly

To help chldren undestand the process a buttrefly goes through in it's transformation help them act out each part of the process: begin by curling up in the fetel position (egg)hatch into a caterpillar (stretch out long and straight) caterpillars eat (wiggle around munching leaves)form a cocoon (kneeling w/hands above head for hanger) cocoon opens (butterflies take flight)