Subject: Mathematics

#2682. Caps for Sale

Mathematics, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat Sep 7 08:39:08 PDT 2002 by Miss Garrison ().
Concordia University, Austin
Materials Required: Caps for Sale, laminated giant graph paper, 2 wet erase pens, a variety of caps (12)
Activity Time: 20 mins.
Concepts Taught: counting, graphing, language arts, inquiry

Caps for Sale!

Materials: laminated graph paper (with large squares), Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina, a variety of caps (about 12), 2 wet erase markers

Catch --a-sense: Wear a cap or two

Objective 1: (15 mins.)
TLW: answer your questions about the book orally
Each student will participate.

Objective 2: (3 mins.)
TLW: predict how many hats a child can balance on his/her head.
Each child will predict.

Objective 3: (8 mins)
Model how the students should graph on the giant graph paper.

TLW: graph the number of hats he/she could balance on his/her head.
Each student will graph at some point in the day. For this lesson, only three children will graph due to time restraints.

Closure: (5 mins.)
At the end of day, when every child has had a chance to graph, they will decide who could balance the most, and who balanced the least.
TOTAL TIME: Apx. 20 mins. plus time to allow other students to graph.

Question to Use throughout the Lesson

1. What is a peddler?
2. Where did his hats go?
3. What should he do?
4. Why do you think the hats fell off your head?
5. How many do you think will stay on?
6. Who could balance the most?
7. Who could balance the least?