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#2693. Number Race.

Games, level: all
Posted Wed Oct 16 23:15:19 PDT 2002 by Hamada El Mansour ( ).
NET, Hong Kong
Materials Required: Flash card with numbers or numbers on pieces of cardboard and blue tack.
Activity Time: 15 - 20
Concepts Taught: Do your kids know numbers?


Put the numbers on different parts of the classroom, but make sure you leave two walls empty. Divide the students into two groups. Give students one minute to choose a name for their respective groups. Write the names on a card board a put each one of them on the empty walls. Explain that you will shout a number and that one student of each group will have top run pick up the number and put it under the name of their group. Explain also that there is only one cardboard for each number.


Depending on the aim of the lesson and the age of the students you could make this activity more challenging by shouting equations rather than numbers. For example, you could say 254 V 203 and the students would have to go and fetch 51.


If you have the same number of boys and girls it is preferable that you have a group of girls and another one of boys. Tell the students that you most people think that girls are better at numbers than boys. It adds to the competition element. This activity is particularly good for the teaching of numbers that students find confusing like 14 as opposed to 40.