Grade: Elementary
Subject: Special Ed

#2695. You've got A friend in me

Special Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Sep 22 11:21:41 PDT 2002 by Laurie Sanchez (
Bordewich/Bray Elementary, Carson City, NV
Activity Time: 30 min daily for a week
Concepts Taught: Lang arts,

You've Got a Friend in ME.

Objective: Get students working together, know what a friend is and how to be one.

Materials: Parts of Videos: Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, Alladin etc.
Stories related to friendship.

I had my students watch a video part each day. Then we discussed the characters, their problems and solutions if they were friends or not and how you could tell.
Each day at recess time we met for our "friendship club" our job was to find people at recess time that had noone playing with them and go play with them.
At the end of the week I had a class council meeting where we discussed problems and good things that happened during the week. We also go around and each student gets "Praised" by the others when done we all chant "We like we like ________" until each child has had their turn.
I tie this in with my prize box awards and a share and care time.

We also have a huge peace path in the room which we use to help solve problems in the room and encourage the kids to stop think and make good choices. It has really helped and I have noticed the kids getting along better together!