Grade: Elementary
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#2696. Quick Cheers

, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Sep 22 11:38:19 PDT 2002 by Laurie Sanchez (
Bordewich/Bray elementary school, Carson City
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: less than 1 minute each!
Concepts Taught: Self-esteem

Our school uses these cheers to help motivate our kids when they are doing a great job you can use them for anything and the kids love getting them especially if they don't know which one you're going to give them and their quick to do!
1. Microwave (wave pinkies in the air and hum)
2. Aligator chomp (clap hands like an aligator)
3. Ricky Martin (say uno, dos tres, ole ole ole and do a little dance with it)
4. Elvis cheer (strum guitar and say thank you thank you very much)
5. Firecracker (clap hands then sound like firecracker going off)
6. bubble gum: pretending blowing bubble until it pops
7. truck driver: honk, honk "Great job good buddy" (talk like into CB radio)
8. Cheerleader (he/she's awesome,awesome really really awesome.)
9. Entire class can bang on desks (we are we are good readers 2 times then stop)
10. silent cheer
11. round of applause
12. Muscle man cheer (flex muscles and say oh yeah oh yeah)
13. Hot stuff: He/sh'e hot hot really really hot then lick finger and sizzle
14. Hip hip horray: hand on 1 hip then the other then in the air for horray!
15. Austin Powers: do his silly dance then say Yeah baby
16. Hawaiian: dance like a hula dancer "great great job"
17. Cowboy pretend twirling lasso while saying "yeeee haw"
18. cajun man: "AIIIIIIIEEEEE"
19. Speedy Gonzalez "On dele, on dele yeeh ha"
20. arctic shiver; Shiver all over say he/she's cool, cool really really cool!

**If you want more let me know I have tons of these!