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#2697. United Nations of the World

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Posted Sun Sep 22 16:15:02 PDT 2002 by Cheri Fitzsimonds (
United Nations Site
JolieTristan Learning Academy, Columbia. Mo. USA
Materials Required: Computer with internet connection
Activity Time: Varies from 15 min. to 5 hours.
Concepts Taught: Learn about other countries past and present.

1. Have students (or yourself) go to the UN site.
2. Locate the version of "Welcome" that is in your language.

3. Locate the "Member States" section.
Here you will find a list of all the member states of the United Nations.

4. Assign a country to the students to write to. Use a search engine to find "embassies+in+the+United States"
hints: embassieworld/cia fact files are not good sites for information on e-mail or snail mail addresses. Canada is all done on-line; and most of the countries in Africa's e-mail addresses are not working as of july/aug. 2002.

5. Have students write to the country assigned.

sample letter:
Consulate General's office of the Cultural Affairs:

Sir or Ma'am,
Our class will be studying your country in(list the next month), 2002.
We would appreciate any and all information (maps, posters, pamphlets etc.)that you could send to aid us in learning about your wonderful country.
Thank you for your time and effort.

(Student name)
home or school address
Some of the countries only send a tiny bit of information, others send a whole bunch including posters in poster tubes, and postage stamps.
Almost all send "fact books" that give the statistics of the country.

Here is how you intergrate this information into all subjects.

Take Egypt for this example (This e-mail is not working)
The Pyramids: (Math/Science)Figure out how to do a "dig" make a map of a dig that you will do.
Figure out how big the dig should be.
How much time you have to do it.
What materials you will need.
How many people it will require.

Hiroglyphics: Down load and print some from the internet. (LA,Art)
Set up a "test" to see if anyone out side of your group can decipher what they are.
Draw your own glyphs.

Where is it on a globe, Long/Latitude.
Describe what the "Valley of the Kings/Queens" are.

What types of Food would have been eatten when your Pyramid was built?
What type of food is eatten now?
Is there a differece in the foods or is it the same?

What type of monatary system was used then and is used now?
Is it the same or different, do the people now use two types of monatary systems?

What is the name and incruments of the Egyptian money?

What did the Ancients do for fun?
How do the Egyptians have fun now?

Locate and do a WebQuest on this country.