Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#2699. Musical Spelling Chairs

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Oct 17 14:35:26 PDT 2002 by Jennifer Stiner (
SMSU, West Plains, U. S.
Materials Required: music, hat or can for spelling words and mats to sit on.
Activity Time: 30 minutes or during in door recess.
Concepts Taught: Students get a better understanding of their spelling words in a fun musical way.

Procedure: Most children know how to play musical chairs. This is the same concept except using spelling words. I take my students words place them in a can and once a week we get on our mats and play this game. The object is to be the last one on the mat or chair and able to spell all the words correctly. I will reward all of my students for their efforts not just the winner. The will allow the students a chance to get out of their seats and also to get some stinulation in them and not to be so bored.