Grade: Middle

#270. Making a Multicultural Brochure

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted by Annejeanette Washington-Wooten (
Rickards Middle School, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Materials Required: paper, maps, research materials inclusing internaet, art cupplies, and scissors
Activity Time: 2-3 weeks
Concepts Taught: mapmaking, research,and history

Pick a theme- for exampke, mystudents made brichures on Countries in the Caribbean when we were studying
Columbus Exploration to the new world. Fold a regular white or colored paper
into 3 sections.
Fold 1- Flag and name of County
Fold 2- History of Country
Fold 3- An art tistic scene of area or picture of that country
Fold 4- The biography of a famous person of that country
Fold 5- Map of the country
Fold 6- Name of the country done fancy.
*** Suggestions- laminate brochures if you can to give it polished look***