Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2700. Multiplication Train

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Nov 8 20:03:43 PST 2002 by Laurie (
Central Fla. Christian Academy, Ocoee, Fla.
Materials Required: Stop Watch, Flash cards
Activity Time: 3-5 min.
Concepts Taught: Learning Multiplication Facts

This activity is easy to play. Line up your students. Set up the "track" - the path you want them to take as they go from the beginning of the line to the end. Rhw object of the game is to beat their previous class time. Ready..Set..Go. Flash the first card to the first student and begine timing. Students continue around the "track" until stack of flash cards are finished-stop timing abd record time. Next time students are encouraged to beat their previous time. A reward of some type is given when they break their time. It does encourage slower students to memorize their multiplication tables so that they don't slow down the "train>"