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#2701. Chrysanthemum- Self Esteem-Counseling

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Posted Fri Sep 27 10:42:18 PDT 2002 by Tandy Braid (
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Materials Required: Book, coloring sheet, baby name book
Concepts Taught: Slef-Esteem Name

Lesson Plan- Self Esteem- Chrysanthemum- Kevin Henkes

Materials Needed Book Chrysanthemum, Picture to draw of Chrysanthemumavailable at Kevin Henkes website. Have baby name books available.

1st Grade through 5th Grade- (Yes my fifth graders requested to do this!)
Discuss why names are important to people. Ask yourself "If I did not have a name, how could I identify myself? If I had no name, who would I be?" Your name is extremely important. Your name is your life. It is how you identify yourself and how others identify you.
Read book aloud to students.
Discuss where names come from.
Have children come up with positive adjectives for each letter in their name. At bottom of paper have them write the meaning of their name. If it is not in the book have child ask parent where their name came from.

For Kindergarten I have a coloring sheet that I have where I have drawn Chrysanthemum on the paper with their name in the flower. They have to color the sheet. On the sheet there is also a poem:
Everybody has a name, Some are different, some, the same. Some, are short. Some, are long. All are right, None are wrong. My name is___________ It's special to me. It's exactly who I want to be.