Subject: Music

#2705. Autumn Song

Music, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat Oct 5 13:39:55 PDT 2002 by Jessica Burnette (
Lakeside Elementary, Richmond,VA
Materials Required: Leaf cut-outs
Activity Time: 5 minutes
Concepts Taught: Recognizing a melody, Singing and using movement

I made up some lyrics about autumn that go to the tune "London Bridges".

Golden leaves are falling down,falling down, falling down.
Golden leaves are falling down.
Autumn time is here!

Get your rake and rake them up, rake them up, rake them up.
Get your rake and rake them up.
Put them in a pile.

Jump into the big pile, big pile, big pile.
Jump into the big pile.
Now, we have a MESS!

I sing this for my students and see if they can recognize the melody (most did). Then, I teach the song and we talk about why we would have a mess and how we would have to start over with raking. Then, I pass out leaf cut-outs and have the students act out the song. We are in a circle and they all put their leaves in the middle for the second verse (Put them in a pile.) The kids really enjoyed this!