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Subject: Language

#2706. Family Album

Language, level: other
Posted Sun Nov 10 21:01:55 PST 2002 by Kate Hansen (
Teacher, Traverse City, MI
Materials Required: magazine cuts outs, family photos, colored paper
Activity Time: approx. 1 week
Concepts Taught: Spansih Vocab about family members

Day 1:You should start this lesson after teaching students about family members in Spanish. I always start by showing my own family albulm as an example. I made mine REALLY creative so the students should have a good idea of the high standards I am seeking. Ask students to bring in family photos and to ask their parents about past family members. Give the students a copy of the grading ruberic and requirments.

Day 2: Have students create drawing of a tree on paper attached to the wall. Give students a list of family names and relations (i.e. Paco es el hijo de Maria) in Spanish and asked them to correctly label each member on the tree.

Day 3: Using a worksheet have students write 3 sentences about 10 different family members in Spanish. They must also write a a one page dedication (in Spanish or English, depending on the levels - fonts can be creative and size 14) to a particular family memeber that is important to them.

Day 4: While students are creating their own family tree (I usually give them a worksheet with a drawing of a tree) move around the room and proof- read the sentences that students have written about family members.

Day 5: Have students work on cut outs from magazines that they can use to illustrate their family albulms (example: a football from an add in Sports illustrated to be placed on the page about a students father who likes to watch Monday night football). They may also work on making creative borders for the family pictures they intend to use in their book. You may ask students to bring in magazines or use old ones that the school may have lying around. A good supply for free magazine is the local bookstore or library. They only mail in the front cover for credit for past issues and the entire magazine gets thrown away (hopefull recycled).

Day 6: Over the weekend ask students to print their pages (I require work to be done on the computer - be sure to give the codes for accents and tildas. If you do not have access to computers in the school or at home, they can be hand written) Encourage them to use interesting/different fonts, alignements, and spacing paste their pictures/illustrations. For the final project, each book should have a title page (Mi Familia), a dedication page, a family tree, and 10 pages which require 3 Spanish sentences and at leat one photo.

Day 7: The day the books are due, each students should read their dedication page and present their favorite page to the class.

My students have loved this assignment over the years and I have either posted them around the room or in the library. best of luck and let me know how it turns out. kate