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#2707. finger play and songs

other, level: Pre-School
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Concepts Taught: shaing time activities

WEEKLY Themes Self Concepts finger play and songs
Hands on shoulders Finger play
Here's a
Little washboard Fingerplays
Two little
Hands so clean and bright Song
If you're happy and you know it Book
I thought I saw.
Children's bodies Material
collage Bars of soap Feeling puppet Yarn collage
Story time Flannel story the stone in the road Fingerplays
Shiny shoes Book
meanies Book
It didn't frighten me Flannel story
The three
Circle time Song /activity head shoulders knees and toes Song
Mary wore her red dress Song the body care
Song Song who
happy Song what
A miracle
Food experiences

Theme activities
Says Gingerbread

Flannel story
Three kittens

The house that
Had enough Finger
Clean up

She was
Silly Apple

It looked
milk Friendship

The three
Sharing time: activity Have children perform actions as mentioned in the poem. Hands on shoulders ,hands on knees .hands behind you if you please touch your shoulders now touch your nose now touch your chin and now your toes
Hands up high in the air down at your sides and touch your hair hands up high as before now clap your hands one two three four . Art drawing children's bodies have the children lie down on butcher paper trace around their bodies children can then draw in their facial features hair and clothing Story time-
A certain
Country was ruled by kindhearted
King who would do anything for his subjects but at last he noticed
That they were going lazy and seldom did anything for them selves or for each other the king wondered if there was anyone left in the kingdom who would go out of his way to help his neighbors .so he concocted a plan .
Late one night the king went to the main road of the kingdom and rolled a huge stone right smack into the middle of it
Then he secretly placed a bag of gold under the stone the next morning he did hid near the road watch First a women came by on her way to market because of the stone she had to walk in the mud at the side of the road someone should really move that stone she snapped angrily next two students passed by on their way to school what a nuisance they cried why doesn't the king move that rock out of the road ?and so it continued all day long some people blamed the king the stone and some even hit the stone as they walked around it as the sun was about to set a young girl passed by when she saw the stone she stopped I'd better get out of the road she said someone might pass by here after dark and not see the stone and bump into it
The girl pushed and pushed the stone a man walking by said let the king take care of that but the girl kept pushing until at last the stone began to roll and it rolled over the edge of the road and down a hill it was then that she saw the bag of gold the king had left here everyone agreed that the girl deserved the gold and everyone was more than a little bit ashamed that the girl had not thought of moving the stone after that they began helping each other instead of waiting for the king to do things for them Circle time --song/activity
Head and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes and eyes and ears and mouth and nose head and shoulders knees and toes
Food experiences Give children already prepared gingerbread people cookies provide frosting and raisins to decorate the cookies have them decorate the cookies to look like themselves

A healthy person
Give children pineapple rings for a head celery for the body cheese stripes for the arms and legs raisins for the eyes and nose and mouth give a paper plate and let them arrange the items to make a person Sharing time finger-play
Here's a washboard
Here's a little washboard here's a little tub
Here's a little cake of soap and here's the way to scrub
Here's a line away up high now the cloths are drying hear the wind whistling by see the cloths are flying Art materials collage prepare stencils of large dress
Shirt and pants have available different textured materials buttons rick rack and lace
Children can cut out materials to glue onto
Their construction paper piece
Of clothing Story time
Shiny shoes
First I loosen mud and dirt my
Shoes I then rub clean for shoes in such a dreadful sight never should be seen and then
I spread the polish on and then let it dry
I brush and brush and brush how those shoes shine Circle time
Mary wore a red dress
Red dress
Red dress all day long
Mary wore a black hat black hat all day long marry wore blue shoes blue shoes all day long marry wore green socks green socks all day long